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LOL! “As-salamu’alaikum… Tout le monde!”
Rabat’s actors and producer promoting “Rabat” in Rabat (by literally handing-out flyers in Casablanca).
"Amsterdam… Doei, doei!"

this video is so inexplicably heart-warming and gezellig. ♥
there’s hilarious fun to be had with these guys. also, the happiness and smiles. i’m almost jealous, but i’ve chosen to just be happy for them…
THIS. is what i have in mind when i think of wanting to become an actress! :3
the two films that influenced and inspired me the most are: “De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté" and "Rabat”.
Dutch and French actors seem to live nicer lifestyles (compared to US/UK ones, tho Americans are much worst than the British ones).
you see, the Americans take themselves (celebrity/fame, awards) too seriously; while the English take their “craft” so seriously they [appear to] forget to have fun and enjoy life (both are equally pathetic ways to live, but the former is insufferable and i don’t necessarily dislike the latter as a nation).
I NEED TO UP MY LANGUAGE SKILLS! if not, i won’t have the life i want. ( ._.)_
so when i get sick/demotivated from awards and red carpet coverage, i just watch this video, and i feel sooo much better. :}
HOLLYWOOD? DOEI, DOEI! Eastcoast, mofos! D:<

Mister sends me this song every time I’m feeling troubled. Isn’t he a sweetheart? hm. :3

it’s been exactly a month since I’ve been back (started auditioning). i really want to rest a bit and just enroll myself in an acting class. i need a small break from auditioning and feeling confused, because otherwise, i just feel jaded and i don’t want to be that way. yesterday, i had 4 older sisters, today i woke up from doing an action film in a swimming pool with three big men, tomorrow i’m having a French exam (and i’m über sleepy). :|

is that so unprofessional and slacker-y? my body hurts all over and i’m stressing out to the point that my lips have gotten chappy (thank goodness, my skin’s not breaking out). i really feel like i should be learning skills. :<

gtg and meet my deadlines for the weekend and Monday. doei. auvoir. toodles!

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